About us

We manufacture a wide range of products including supplements, liquid formulas, capsule and skin care products. All of our products are manufactured in the United States using Good Manufacturing Practices set forth by the US Federal Drug Administration. In addition, both scheduled and surprise inspections by the Quality Assurance staff during different aspects of the manufacturing process help to ensure specific quality, strength and purity for both the raw materials and the finished supplements.

Quality Control

All quality control personnel are obliged to adhere to explicit written protocols that are strictly enforced throughout the entire manufacturing process. All raw materials used in Hoodia Gordonii Plus are tested for purity prior to use. The oversight throughout our quality control process is second-to-none—we count on our quality control engineers to reject a batch of product at any stage in the manufacturing process if it doesn’t meet our strict requirements for quality.

We also keep thorough records throughout the manufacturing process that undergo analysis by our quality control specialists. The US Department of Agriculture reviews manufacturing equipment cleaning and maintenance—to make sure that all of our products are completely free of contamination. Our production records for each unit are kept on file for two years past the expiration date of the unit—including records related to the unit’s raw materials. Every product’s offer is accompanied by a product analysis that includes information such as lot numbers for ingredients used, as well as a breakdown of herbal supplement components and production methods.

Raw Materials Hoodia Gordonii Plus trusts only the most reputable wholesale suppliers to provide the ingredients and materials that form our supplements. Suppliers must furnish a Certificate of Analysis for each material and all raw materials undergo further analysis by our in-house quality assurance team—which means every ingredient used is both authentic and pure.

Packaging Materials Proper packaging is a critical part of ensuring safety, which means that Hoodia Gordonii Plus goes the extra mile to make sure mislabeling doesn’t occur. Designated quality assurance personnel are responsible for proper labeling, while new labels are crosschecked against the master label to detect and correct any errors in the printing process.

Lot Numbers No batch of material can reach the pharmacy without its lot being checked for purity and authenticity. The lot number system at Hoodia Gordonii Plus allows us to track materials and orders throughout the entire production process. For all forms of supplements the Director of Operations is responsible for inspecting equipment and overseeing the labeling process.

All aspects of the manufacturing process are subject to both scheduled and surprise inspections by quality control staff.

Manufacturing Guidelines

All the raw materials used in Hoodia Gordonii Plus must pass stringent quality control tests before being utilized to produce safe, effective herbal dietary supplements. In addition to selecting the best possible suppliers and herbs, all our stock must pass an in-house inspection before finding its way into a supplement.

Blending and Granulation Raw materials undergo an on-site quality inspection and then processed according to strict, product-specific guidelines. Storage of granulated material is guaranteed to yield fresh, contamination-free product thanks to our specially designed containers.

Encapsulation and Compression After an on-site quality assurance test the granulated product is encapsulated in a test run. A successful test unit becomes a sample unit, which is then compared to samples from previous batches to ensure the maintenance of product quality and integrity. Full-line production does not begin unless the sample unit meets our quality control standards. Encapsulated products are stored with the same care and attention as our granulated materials.

Packaging and Inspection Finished products are subject to inspection by quality control staff that remove defective products such as broken or overfilled capsules from the lot. Products that meet our high standards are then packaged for bulk storage or are bottled and labeled for consumer use. Hoodia Gordonii Plus product packages come with tamper proof seals and FDA-required information to protect consumers.