Our Hoodia Gordonii is Completely Certified

Real Hoodia Gordonii is an endangered species plant. Consequently, it is RARE AND VERY EXPENSIVE. In fact, the government of South Africa will not allow export of Hoodia without proper documentation. And they only allow certain amounts to leave the country in order to protect the plant in its natural habitat.

Two Certificates are Required

There are two certified documents required to prove the authenticity of pure South African Hoodia.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issues the first. It is called Convention in International Trade of Endangered Species (C.I.T.E.S.) Certificate. This certificate is a result of an “international agreement between governments to ensure that harvest operations and trade of wild plant and animal specimens doesn’t threaten their survival.” This covers the U.S. inspection to ensure the product is clean of weeds and pests, and to verify that the product is, in fact, Hoodia Gordonii.

The second is the Protected Plant Permit. This permit is only issued when the South African government agrees to allow the product to be shipped out of South Africa to a few selected buyers.

We can state, with certainty, that the Hoodia Gordonii used in Hoodia Gordonii Plus is completely certified. Our Hoodia is documented to be the true plant used by the San peoples in South Africa.

This documentation is important to you because there are so many “hoodia” products on the market now, which are not the 100% pure plant.

There are over 40 species of Hoodia, and the Gordonii species is the only one shown to have appetite suppression qualities. The Kalahari Desert of southern Africa is the only place in the world where this special plant will grow. It does not grow in the deserts of Mexico, or China, or the Middle East, or even in New Mexico.

When searching for a Hoodia supplement, make sure the manufacturer can document the source of the ingredient. Be wary of products called “hoodia,” which are actually another species of Hoodia that may only have weak or altered benefits.

The Limited Supply is a Real Concern

Worldwide demand for Hoodia Gordonii, combined with the efforts of the South African government to protect an endangered plant has created a huge smuggling business in other species of Hoodia. Effective January 12, 2005, ‘all species of Hoodia were listed on CITES Appendix II and therefore subject to certain regulations.”

The notification licence issued by Romanian Institute of Food Bioresources

In 2007 the Romanian Institute of Food Bioresources authorised Ekzakt Solutions Ltd to commercialize Hoodia Gordonii Plus nutritional supplement on territory of Romania.